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Your daily dose of Vitamin C

18 May

If you don’t want scurvy, just listen to the following songs:

“Orange Juice” – EarlWolf

“Orange Pineapple Juice” – Common

“Orange Crush” – R.E.M.

“Tangerine” – Big Boi

“Citrus” – The Hold Steady

Now that you’re feeling right, come back tomorrow for some real content.


We don’t need no stinkin’ words

15 Aug

Sorry for being truant this week. I’ve been trying to kick some ass at work so that I can have a three-day weekend to enjoy my trip to Louisville to see My Morning Jacket. Mission accomplished. Back to blogging.

Earlier this week, the Onion AV Club posted a great list of instrumental songs. Here’s the link. In case you don’t feel like reading their explanation, staffers selected the top 29 songs by artists who typically don’t produce tracks without lyrics (yet somehow Pink Floyd made it on the list).

I really enjoyed their rundown, so much so that it inspired me to compile my own list of instrumentals. I didn’t stick to their criteria – this is simply a list of my favorite wordless tunes, regardless of artist. However, I did make a point not to include any songs from the AV Club list. You know, just to keep things fresh.

10. “New Orleans Instrumental No. 1” – R.E.M.

9. “Speed of Life” – David Bowie

8. “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 2” – The Flaming Lips

7. “Flying” – The Beatles

6. “Pow” – Beastie Boys

5. “Fuckin’ in the Bushes” – Oasis

4. “Meeting in the Aisle” – Radiohead

3. “One of These Days” – Pink Floyd

2. “Ocean” – John Butler Trio

1. “Maggot Brain” – Funkadelic

Top five songs named after geometric shapes

7 Aug

Amidst all the concerts, there is still time for lists…

5. “Pink Triangle” – Weezer

4. “Turn A Square” – The Shins

3. “Spin The Black Circle” – Pearl Jam

2. “Perfect Circle” – R.E.M.

1. “Pyramid Song” – Radiohead