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This one goes out to: the Grammy nomination panel

4 Dec


Really? Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” for Song of the Year? Five musicians who I’ve never heard a single song from for Best New Artist? Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance? Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance? The Eagles of Wal-Mart for anything? The list goes on and on…

While there are some respectable names on the list (M.I.A., Radiohead, Daft Punk, Hot Chip, Kings of Leon, Beck, My Morning Jacket), it’s obvious that someone needs to reboot the whole damn institution. Maybe I’m being too harsh though. At least it appears (as of today) that they’ve actually selected artists who sing their own songs.

What planet do these tone deaf blowhards come from where Jethro Tull is considered metal? This one goes out to you, Grammy nomination panel…courtesy of a fellow extra-terrestrial, Dr. Octagon…


We don’t need no stinkin’ words

15 Aug

Sorry for being truant this week. I’ve been trying to kick some ass at work so that I can have a three-day weekend to enjoy my trip to Louisville to see My Morning Jacket. Mission accomplished. Back to blogging.

Earlier this week, the Onion AV Club posted a great list of instrumental songs. Here’s the link. In case you don’t feel like reading their explanation, staffers selected the top 29 songs by artists who typically don’t produce tracks without lyrics (yet somehow Pink Floyd made it on the list).

I really enjoyed their rundown, so much so that it inspired me to compile my own list of instrumentals. I didn’t stick to their criteria – this is simply a list of my favorite wordless tunes, regardless of artist. However, I did make a point not to include any songs from the AV Club list. You know, just to keep things fresh.

10. “New Orleans Instrumental No. 1” – R.E.M.

9. “Speed of Life” – David Bowie

8. “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 2” – The Flaming Lips

7. “Flying” – The Beatles

6. “Pow” – Beastie Boys

5. “Fuckin’ in the Bushes” – Oasis

4. “Meeting in the Aisle” – Radiohead

3. “One of These Days” – Pink Floyd

2. “Ocean” – John Butler Trio

1. “Maggot Brain” – Funkadelic

Top five songs named after geometric shapes

7 Aug

Amidst all the concerts, there is still time for lists…

5. “Pink Triangle” – Weezer

4. “Turn A Square” – The Shins

3. “Spin The Black Circle” – Pearl Jam

2. “Perfect Circle” – R.E.M.

1. “Pyramid Song” – Radiohead

I Was There: Radiohead @ Deer Creek – 8/3/08

4 Aug

Absolutely unreal.

I’m going to go ahead and throw out a flawed analogy here. Seeing Radiohead for the first time reminded me of the first time I watched my friend’s HDTV. Up to that point, I’d seen plenty of standard definition televisions that I thought were awesome (you know, ones that were massive or had cool speakers). But it took about three seconds to realize that everything I’d seen up to that point fell short of the new standard.

I’ve been to great concerts before. I’ve been to terrific ones this year that I thought wouldn’t be topped (see: Spoon, Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket). But those shows seem lacking now after witnessing the world’s best band at their creative peak.

Radiohead utilized the slickest lighting and video screens I’ve ever seen. Hands down. Between the stalactite orbs behind the stage and the gritty security cam-looking screens, I experienced many moments of sensory overload. Of course, the intricate visuals would’ve failed gloriously if the music wasn’t crafted with similar precision.

My friend pointed this out the other day, and he’s 100 percent right. We’ve probably seen 30-40 shows at Deer Creek (Verizon Wireless Music Center) and no concert has been as audibly pleasing as Radiohead. Although I love the venue, the acoustics are far from perfect. Minor imperfections are commonplace, whether the bass starts to hiss or the vocal overwhelm the mix. But every song sounded flawless during Radiohead. I always figured it was the facility, but perhaps other bands lack the complexity of calibration to overcome most shortcomings.

So everything looked and sounded gorgeous and the setlist was full of left turns. “Pyramid Song”, “Exit Music (For A Film)” and “How To Disappear Completely” served as haunting testaments to the band’s power. Other songs, like “15 Step” and “Just”, were four-minute blasts of forget-all-your-problems fun. Not only was there not a single clunker all night, but there was nary a performance that lacked at least one “Oh shit” moment (Oh shit…Thom’s playing the drums on “Bangers ‘n’ Mash”. Oh shit…What a creepy introduction to “Climbing Up the Walls”).

It was all astounding. The best concert I’ve ever attended. Not quite life-changing, but certainly perspective-altering.  

15 Step
There There
All I Need
Pyramid Song
Weird Fishes / Arpeggi
The Gloaming
Climbing Up The Walls
Faust Arp
Morning Bell
Everything In Its Right Place
How To Disappear Completely

You and Whose Army
Bangers and Mash
Exit Music (For a Film)
Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Karma Police
House of Cards
The National Anthem
Street Spirit

Here are several superb videos from the show. If you click the embedded player, you can watch in HQ from the YouTube site. Bottomless props to skabadelic, who I’d like to meet some day so that I can give him/her a high five.

“Climbing Up The Walls”


“How To Disappear Completely”

“Street Spirit (Fade Out)”



Top five songs named after seafood

18 Jul

In honor of the $50 gift certificate to Red Lobster I recently received, I present to you…another pointless list (Told you I was back).

5. “Crab” – Weezer 

4. “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi” – Radiohead

3. “Octopus’s Garden” – The Beatles

2. “Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box” – Radiohead

1. “Rock Lobster” – The B-52’s

Top five songs named after fruits

2 May

I’m pretty fuzzy at the moment, which means I’m not exactly capable of providing you with thoughtful essays about Grand Theft Auto IV or The Vogue tonight. What I can do is supply you with a bunch of YouTube videos. Without further ado or explanation, here is my list of the top five songs named after fruits, perhaps the most underrated food group of all.

5. ” Peaches” – Presidents of the United States of America

4. “Banana Co.” – Radiohead

3. “The Lemon Song” – Led Zeppelin

2. “Strawberry Fields Forever” – The Beatles

1. “Tangerine” – Led Zeppelin

It’s worth noting that two of these ace songs come courtesy of Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant was truly the king of “food-as-sex” metaphors. If you don’t believe me, listen to the Zeppelin B-side, “Young Cherries with Juicy Melons.”

It can be found on the band’s rarities collection, Euphemisms Are Always Funny Regardless of Context. 

The NBA Playoffs – Where Radiohead happens to be playing in the background

28 Apr

Have you seen these new NBA Playoff spots? You know, the split-screen ones that look a bit like a “If They Mated” composite if your eyes aren’t focused.

I thought the first one with Kobe and Shaq was pretty sweet, but now, after seeing the Steve Nash/Jason Kidd commercial that features Radiohead’s “House of Cards”, I’m even more infatuated with the advertising campaign. 

It’s a bit surprising that Radiohead would permit the NBA to use their music to pimp the playoffs. But you can’t call Thom Yorke’s crew a bunch of sell-outs when the band allowed buyers to name their own price for In Rainbows. Clearly, it’s not all about the money. Maybe Radiohead just loves basketball. I could totally see them playing pick-up games when they’re not in the studio making tunes worthy of God’s iPod.

The somewhat ironic thing about the commercial is that both Nash and Kidd are currently a game away from playoff elimination. Perhaps the ad execs should have used “Let Down”, “Exit Music”, or “How To Disappear Completely” instead.