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This one goes out to: Notre Dame football

3 Dec

Michigan St Notre Dame Football

Bravo to everyone involved. Charlie Weis is coming back for another season – good news for people who love bad news. Have fun watching Pudgy McCockmunch waddle along the sidelines with his stupid Drew Carey haircut for another 12 games next year.

It would be one thing to be patient with the guy if he wasn’t a total a-hole. When people are writing stories like this about your coach, it’s time to let bygones be bye, gones. Another year of Weis is only going to further soil Notre Dame’s once sterling reputation as a college football power.

Dynasty be damned. This one goes out to you, Notre Dame football…courtesy of Modest Mouse…


Language is the liquid…Ten mind-blowing lines from Modest Mouse

27 Mar

When it comes to lyricists, Isaac Brock has no equals. No one else’s words are so bizarre. Or observant. Or perplexing. Or poignant.

Although his lyrics on Modest Mouse’s latest album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank aren’t quite up to snuff with his previous stuff, Brock still deserves a lot of credit for being a consistently masterful wordsmith. These 10 Brock-isms that follow aren’t just my favorite Modest Mouse quips – I believe these are several of the greatest strands of words ever committed to tape.

10. “If God takes life, he’s an Indian giver” – Bukowski

9. “The moths beat themselves to death against the lights / Adding their breeze to the summer nights” – The World At Large

8. “Everyone’s a voyeurist – they’re watching me watch them, watch me right now” – Paper Thin Walls

7. “I had a drink the other day / Opinions were like kittens / I was giving them away” – Out of Gas

6. “You missed when time and life shook hands and said goodbye / When the earth folded in on itself / And said, ‘Good luck, for your sake I hope heaven and hell / Aren’t really there, but I wouldn’t hold my breath’ / You wasted life, why wouldn’t you waste death?” – Ocean Breathes Salty

5. “Oh gotta see, gotta know right now / What’s that riding on your everything? / It isn’t anything at all” – Gravity Rides Everything

4. “We kiss on the mouth, but still cough down our sleeves” – Dramamine

3. “In the place that I call home / My brain’s the cliff, and my heart’s the bitter buffalo” – Heart Cooks Brain

2. “Well God’s saying something, but he didn’t mean it / Everyone’s life ends but no one ever completes it / Dry or wet ice – they both melt, and you’re equally cheated” – Dark Center of the Universe

1. “Language is the liquid / That we’re all dissolved in / Great for solving problems / After it creates the problem” – Blame It on the Tetons