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Whoppers are great, but…

3 Dec


Have you seen these new Whopper Virgins commercials? I normally love BK ads. They feature an unusual amount of self-awareness and a warped sense of humor. They named one of their breakfast sandwiches the Meatnormous. Do I need to explain myself further?

Here’s the thing though. They’re pimping this serious (at least as far as I can tell) documentary about bringing burgers to villages where the natives don’t even have a word for the food. Here’s the web page, which must have borrowed its name from a fat fetish site.  

While I applaud them thinking outside the lines of the traditional taste test, how can they contend that this is an unbiased poll of which burger is better? These people have probably eaten tree bark and insects their whole lives. I doubt their palettes are very developed. Also, they’re probably starving. So they’re naturally going to prefer the larger of the two burgers. It’s like running the test with dogs. They don’t care what tastes better; they’re just happy to have some human food. 

It seems that Burger King has set up a poll that the Whopper can’t lose. Clever marketing ploy, no doubt. But don’t get a Whopper because Sagat and his friends from Thailand dig it. Buy one because it’s way better than a Big Mac. Take it from me, a real connoisseur.

Just don’t ask for my opinion on bamboo.